QR Codes

Marketing with QR Codes

Whether QR codes are new to you or you are very familiar, whether your business is large or small, whether are you looking to supplement aQRCode_bottle current marketing campaign or begin an entirely new one, we can help you to better incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategy.

QR codes are expected to grow in popularity exponentially over the next few years, so the best time to get involved is NOW, before your competitors have the chance. In our ever increasingly technological world, the slightest advancements can give you the edge you need, and this is a big one. A number of large chains and businesses nationwide have already shown what QR codes can do, so why not apply that to see what they can do for you too.

Selling your wine with QR codes

How much would it be worth, to have a salesperson giving a sales presentation to every customer, for every bottle of wine you have in the tasting room or in retail stores? Well, it is possible with QR codes. For a very small investment you can add a QR code to the bottle label or display shelving, linking to a video presentation selling your wine. You send us the wine, we produce the video and QR code for only $400 with discounts for multiple presentations. It can be less than a penny per bottle to have this very unique POS. Check out this example… (( Watch Video ))

QR Code Tracking

In today’s marketplace, one of the best ways to grow your brand is to know your market. Not only can QR codes help attract clients in a variety of ways; they can also help you to learn more about your clients with QR code tracking abilities. If you have a QR code that does not link directly to your site, we can set up tracking on a re-direct site to obtain your results. This way, you can include this as part of your analytical system without adding much cost to your current business model.

Start giving your Smartphone customers a reason to connect with you online. Don’t let your QR Code be like all the rest, America’s Wine Trails can spice one up for you.

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