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America’s Wine Trails’ technical team can develop a mobile tour of your wine trail that wine consumers can carry in their back pocket. Wine lovers can enjoy the freedom of a free self-guided tour with information about each winery on the wine trail, seasonal events and much more. For a small investment by the wine trail, we help you reach new consumers with a product they well love, use and tell their friends about. It works like an app, looks like an app, but is used with a web browser and can provide measurable results with loads of information about your wine consumer. Other wine trails have had great success with the mobile tours we developed. Some have experienced as many as 7,000 users in a very short time.


About the mobile tours:


  • Optimized for today’s web-enambled smartphones.
  • Integrated with smartphone GPS location to enhance experience.
  • Priced reasonable and can be developed quickly.
  • Can be added to an existing site and use an existing database.
  • Don’t require your customers to be smartphone experts.
  • They can be found on search engines like Google.


What’s in a mobile tour site?



The first page is a listing of wineries on your wine trail. We design the home page with navigation to each winery and wine trail map.

Each winery has its own page filled with information about the winery with text, image, video or audio content. This is the visitor’s chance to experience your wine tour with informative videos, text, images, and audio! We go to great effort to engage your visitors with fun and interesting information.

We have the expertise for researching, developing, and editing text copy for each winery on your tour. We have partners who can develop professional audio and video clips. We optimize the images, audio and video to operate on your Maps showing the tour, location, event area with the pertinent stops marked.

Your existing maps can be used, we can create maps for you or we can integrate your tour with Google Maps. The GPS on smartphones can very accurately provide wineries position on the map. Nearest Me locations are based on current location. This can also be done in conjunction with a map showing the location of a winery and area B&B’s, shopping and attractions as points of interest nearby. This is a great way to advertise on your mobile tour to create a revenue.

We can add links on your tour site to:

  • Phone App
  • SMS App
  • Email App
  • Social Media


So you want to see some examples?


Hermann Wine Trail Mobile Tour

Mobile Phone App

Augusta Wine Trail Mobile Tour

Mobile Phone App


POS for marketing your trails mobile tour


As part of the program, we will develop both a POS for your website and the tasting room.

POS combo


How to Order a Mobile Tour Website


  • Contact us from our Contact Page even if you just want to ask us about our mobile tour websites. We are very flexible and easy to work with.
  • You provide content for the site – or we can with your approval.
  • We do images , video , audio , copy (text content) , and maps . We can do the research and provide content. We have partners for doing professional videos and audio.
  • We can host the mobile tour site or we can integrate with your existing main site.
  • We can get your mobile tour site going quickly


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