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America’s Wine Trails Mobile App puts 293 wine trails, and 5200 wineries at the finger tips of thousands of wine lovers each month. We developed the free app to provide today’s mobile user with a one-stop-shop to find wine trails and wineries throughout the USA, plus a Wine Journal and Tasting Notes to help remember some of the memorable wines tasted when visiting a winery. Besides listing wine trails and wineries by state, here are some other great features…


Find Wineries Near Me. This is a great companion to have while on the road. It will locate any winery within a 25 mile radius of your present location. Be sure to turn on “Current Location” on your mobile device so this valuable feature will do its job.

Wine Types and Varietals. This feature lists most all the varietals known to mankind. You can search a particular varietal and it will list wineries that have it.

Search by Name. Here you can search by name to find a winery or wine trail anywhere in the USA.

My Wine Journal. This is probably our favorite part of the app. It turns your visit to a tasting room into a virtual experience. When visiting a tasting room, rather than writing down your critique on a piece of paper, you use your phone or tablet with Tasting Notes in the Wine Journal. You can also add a picture of the wine bottle and the app will automatically add hot links to the wineries phone number and website. If you don’t remember the name of the wine you liked when trying to recall later, fear not, just search for it by type of wine and the wine journal will find it for you.

New Wine Releases. If you have visited a tasting room and added a wine and winery location to your Wine Journal,  America’s Wine Trails will email you new wine releases from that winery. This is a great way to stay in touch with wineries you have visited. Pretty cool!




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