Is Your Winery Website Mobile Friendly?

August 3rd, 2012

I am on a mission to encourage wineries to focus on their websites. Having a mobile friendly website can have a huge impact on the number of visits to your business. A simple question from a VESTA student in the Winery Marketing class I teach started my most recent quest to help wineries improve their websites. The student’s question, “How do you know if a website is mobile friendly?”

That’s a great question. After some research, I discovered that most wineries’ websites are not mobile friendly. Here’s how to tell if a website is compatible with most smart phones: Open the website on your smart phone. If the text in the website can’t be read easily without scrolling and zooming, the website is not harmonious with today’s sophisticated mobile devices.

So why do you want your winery’s website to be mobile friendly?

Let’s start with some eye-opening statistics:

1. 35% of American adults have a smartphone and 87% of smartphone owners access the internet on their mobile devices. (Hubspot)

2. Mobile searches have grown by 400% since 2010. (Gartner 2010, Google Mobile Optimization Webinar 2011)

3. About half of all smart phone users are between the ages of 25-45. (

4. 61% of users call a business after searching, and 59% visit the location. (Mobile Movement; Understanding Smartphone Users 2011)

Are you convinced now that your website needs to be mobile friendly? Missing out on all the consumers who are searching the web on their mobile devices looking for a winery to visit or a wine to buy is a huge lost opportunity.

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