Get a feel for the Finger Lakes on guided tours

November 14th, 2013

The Finger Lakes region of New York State has been receiving much deserved recognition for its exquisite cool-climate wines. Since the European Vinifera vines were planted here in the 1960’s, the land once known for fruity Lake Niagara has undergone a revolution that has landed it amongst some of the world’s top wine producers. The Finger Lakes has earned a distinguished reputation, especially for its Rieslings and crisp whites, and has become a travel destination for wine aficionados and international sommeliers alike.

When you are visiting a wine region for the first time, and know little about the lay of the land, it is always nice to have someone show you around. Some people prefer to grab a road map and head out on their own adventure, which is always fun, but not quite as efficient. Taking in the sights while someone else organizes your visit, can be more relaxing, and often connects you to activities to which the normal “walk-in” tourist may not always be privy.

Although the Finger Lakes is a well-established wine region, it is still a young one, so organized wine tours have not yet become a saturated industry. Here are a few standout companies that are happy to give you a full day of education and entertainment that is sure to leave you with a great feel for the Finger Lakes “sense of place”.

From $75 per person,

From $100 per person,

From $80 per person,

From $45 per person plus a $3-$5 tasting fee per winery,

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